Our story

ArtMED is a unique partnership that brings together a diverse group of organisations with a shared vision to transform public transport in the Interreg Euro-MED region. By leveraging innovative technologies and methodologies, we aim to create a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable transport system. Our consortium consists of public transport authorities, knowledge partners and a dissemination partner, each playing a crucial role in achieving our objectives.

Public Transport Authorities (PTAs)

Our consortium includes four key public transport authorities from different regions within the Interreg Euro-MED area. These PTAs are responsible for planning and implementing public transport systems that meet the unique needs of their respective regions.

Municipality of Postojna (Slovenia)

The Μunicipality of Postojna oversees public transport for the town and its surrounding villages, which currently lack adequate public transport connections. Their goal is to provide efficient and sustainable transport options to connect these areas, including the natural park Javorniška Koliševka.

Transportes Metropolitanos de Lisboa (TML) (Portugal)

TML is responsible for planning public transport in the metropolitan area surrounding Lisbon, which includes numerous poorly connected villages. Its mission is to develop a transport system that ensures accessibility and equity for all residents and reduces reliance on private cars.

Municipality of Palaio Faliro (Greece)

The Μunicipality of Palaio Faliro manages public transport in a densely populated peri-urban area. The current lack of adequate transport connections has led to high private car usage and significant CO2 emissions. Palaio Faliro aims to implement sustainable transport solutions to address these issues.

ALOT (Italy)

As a mobility agency, ALOT works with provinces in the Lombardy region, including Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, and Mantova. This region features mountainous terrains and low-density areas, many of which are poorly connected by public transport. ALOT’s objective is to enhance connectivity and accessibility across these diverse landscapes.

Knowledge Partners

ArtMED benefits from the expertise of leading academic and research institutions that specialize in mobility and autonomous vehicle technologies.

École Centrale de Lyon (ECL) (France)

ECL, a project partner in the AVENUE project, developed the economic assessment tool for AMOD solutions. Their expertise in evaluating the economic impacts of autonomous vehicles is crucial for optimising the AMOD impact assessment tool for the Interreg Euro-MED region.

CARNET (Spain)

As a mobility research and innovation hub, and a partner in the MultiDEPART project, CARNET brings valuable insights into planning on-demand mobility. They complement ECL’s methodologies, helping to adapt and refine the AMOD tool for diverse regional characteristics within the Interreg Euro-MED area.

Dissemination Partner

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – iED is our primary dissemination partner, responsible for extending the reach of our methodologies and tools across the Interreg Euro-MED region and beyond.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) (Greece)

iED is a leading center of excellence in European entrepreneurship and a rapidly growing digital innovation hub. With extensive online outreach and a strong social community, iED ensures that our tools and training materials are widely accessible. Their experience in over 100 EU projects and connections with key mobility networks and platforms play a vital role in our dissemination strategy.