What we do

ArtMED wants to transform public transportation in sparsely populated regions of the Interreg Euro-MED area. Our activities focus on leveraging innovative methodologies and tools to enable Public Transport Authorities (PTAs) to effectively implement Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMOD) solutions. Here’s an overview of our key activities:

our activities

01. Optimising the AMOD Impact Assessment Tool for Interreg Euro-MED PTAs

One of ArtMED’s primary activities is transferring and optimizing AMOD impact methodologies and tools from successful EU projects like AVENUE (H2020) and MultiDEPART (EIT UM). This involves adapting and enhancing the economic assessment tool developed by ECL to assess the economic impacts of deploying autonomous vehicles with on-demand features. The tool, initially validated in Lyon, Copenhagen, Geneva, and Luxembourg, will be tailored to the specific needs of the Interreg Euro-MED region, including its coastal and mountainous areas.

Key Features

    • User-friendly, web-based interface.
    • Minimal resource requirements for PTAs.
    • Enhanced knowledge for PTAs to conduct impact assessments in diverse regional contexts.

02. Empowering PTAs with the Optimized AMOD Impact Assessment Tool

ArtMED aims to empower PTAs with the optimized tool to plan for AMOD deployment. This includes creating vision statements, investment plans, and transport model designs tailored to local needs. The tool will support three main purposes:

Vision Statements

    • Designed for ease of use to gain political support.
    • Demonstrates the potential value of AMOD in specific areas, such as connecting the elderly to health services.

Investment Plans

    • Details the required resources and potential return on investment for AMOD deployment.
    • Helps PTAs prioritize deployment areas and use cases.

Transport Model Designs

    • Defines service areas, target groups, demand, and required service quality.
    • Prepares PTAs for the final procurement of transport services.

03. Expanding the Tool’s Reach Beyond ArtMED

ArtMED also focuses on disseminating the tool to a broader audience, ensuring its relevance and adoption by PTAs beyond the consortium. This involves:

Wider Transfer Strategy

    • Leveraging extensive partner networks.
    • Publishing the tool and instructions on various platforms.
    • Ensuring free public access to attract more PTAs.

Long-Term Uptake and Support

    • Tracking tool usage and gathering valuable data for continuous improvement.
    • The tool instructions are shared with the Interreg Euro-MED academy and thematic community to ensure long-term transferability.