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The ArtMED project aims to empower Euro-MED Public Transport Authorities through transnational cooperation and tailored tools, facilitating the planning and deployment of Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMOD) solutions to address accessibility and environmental challenges in sparsely populated and geographically diverse regions.

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ArtMED is a Euro-MED thematic project under Green Living Areas Mission aimed at transforming public transportation accessibility and sustainability across sparsely populated Euro-MED regions by introducing cutting-edge Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMOD) solutions. Through collaborative efforts spanning 6 European countries, the project seeks to transfer refined AMOD impact assessment tools and methodologies to Euro-MED Public Transport Authorities (PTAs), empowering them to effectively evaluate the socioeconomic and environmental implications of AMOD deployment. By providing PTAs with intuitive tools tailored to the unique characteristics of the Euro-MED region, ArtMED aims to facilitate the development of vision statements, investment plans, and transport model designs that advance inclusive, efficient, and eco-friendly public transportation systems. Ultimately, the project aims to broaden transportation choices, reduce carbon footprints, and diminish isolation in Euro-MED communities, fostering a more sustainable and connected future.


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